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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Western Rawhide

Older Western Rawhide brand, Good leather, tree is good. Saddle has been torn down, deep cleaned, oiled, skirt lining replaced with real wool. Latigo and Cinch hangers have been added, along with new saddle conchos, and dees with saddle strings. Would say it is a Semi or QH bar. 16" seat to the stitches, but i consider it more of a 15.5" seat by feel. Comes with matching back cinch, stirrups, there is a hoof pick or knife holder on the saddle. When saddle was torn down i removed the rubber wrap from the horn, leather under it was "disfigured" from the wrap but the horn is straight and solid, just the leather isn't perfect. Can be rewrapped with rubber, or leather. Also comes with cinch and Latigos, and a saddle pad.

Asking $499 shipped, open to serious offers.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baileys cowboy hat.

Baileys XXX beaver size 7 1/8 western hat in excellent condition. Worn only a few times. Retailed for $150. Asking $65 plus shipping

SMB by Professinal Choice

Navy Blue.  Size is stamped Warmblood. SMB II's in decent shape. Stamped Front and Hind. Some wear on the fetlock of one.  Asking $32 shipped

Cast Iron Horse housewares.

A few horse themed Cast iron housewares to consider.  First is a shallow bowl for change or keys maybe? 2nd is a key or coat hanger.  Asking $21 shipped for each.

5" Loose ring Snaffle

Metalab, lightly used
Asking $18 shipped


Used 5" kimberwick with chain.
Asking $18 shipped

Parelli bit made by Myler

Used 3 times ever.
Asking $99 shipped OBO