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Thursday, October 30, 2014

BRAND NEW Spurs and Straps

Ladies spurs with floral etching and barb wire tooled straps.  Super pretty and never used.  Asking $85 shipped

Books and DVD

Weaver Lead rope

brass snap.  gold, black and purple in color.  $19 shipped

English martingale

Martingale with Breast plate attached.  All buckles and straps in great working order. Nice soft leather.  Asking $58 shipped

48" Dressage Girth

Ergonomically shaped girth. Used on a dressage saddle. Good stretch to the elastic straps.  Easy to clean.  Asking $48 shipped

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy mouth bits

stamped 125MM
stamped 135MM

First is a four ring Mullen
Second is a Shaped Mullen Full cheek bit.
Both are clean used shape.  Asking $43 shipped each or take both for $78

Cashel seat saver

1" foam Tush Cushion made by Cashel.  All straps and attachments are in great shape..extra comfy for your hours in the saddle. Asking $40 shipped