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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

16" Martin Trail Saddle

Made by Dale Martin Saddlery.  Has some staining on one fender, but the leather is soft, pliable and comfortable.  FQHB and 7.5"-8" gullet. 26" skirt and about 28-30lbs. These Martins are well known to sit wider horses well...but are so well made they are extremely forgiving to just about any mount. Will fit good enough to be comfortable.  Medium oil, back cinch with hoof pick included.  Asking $1199 shipped

14.5" Clover bar

Made in Alberta!  Completely gone over by a Master saddlemaker recently.  Improvements include new fleece and Reinforced skirt, reinforced front and rear cinch loops.  Ride a new saddle in old style comfort.  14.5" suede out seat, about a 7" gullet and I would say about a QHB.  Will fit narrower horses well.  Fantastic for a shorter backed horse too.  Asking $799 shipped

Dark oil Penner

Model 2630 by Circle Y.  16" suede seat, Sqhb and about 7.5" gullet.  These models run wider than the usual Circle Y.  Built with cowhorse in mind...the saddle sits comfortable, with good swing in the stirrup, a decent height horn and cantle.  Love the cutaway skirting.  Ideal for cutting, penning, reining or pleasure.  Note: this saddle has been in storage more than it's been used..owner needs funds after a surgery.Asking $925 shipped 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Circle Y 16" All around

PRISTINE condition.  Super clean and stunning.  This roper is pretty! 16" suede out seat shows very little wear, Semi bar and 7" gullet.  Comes with matching breast collar and back cinch.  Original owner has had the saddle for 15 years,but it's been used minimally as a trail saddle - that is apparent! Regular oil, awesome, unique tooling pattern.  Asking less than half the retail price.  $1650 shipped

Friday, July 18, 2014

Crates 244-4

Basic reiner by Crates. Model 244-4.  Not any bling, nice and simple but still built on the equi-fit tree and has the QHB, with 6 5/8" gullet that we all love.  Great fleece, leather is nice shape..couple stains and signs of use.  16" suede seat. Chestnut color with basket weave.  Asking $950 shipped

16" Billy Cook Roper

Dark oil, basket weave, and nicely broken in...no squeak! Made in Sulphur, OK.  Has a 16" suede out seat with the classic billy cook stitching.  FQHB and about a 7.25"gullet.  Will fit QH's or something with a little bit of a beefier shoulder, flat type back.  Structurally solid and sound. Asking $875 shipped

Champion Turf Reiner

16" Suede seat, FQHB and generous 8" gullet with flare.  Light oil, covered in floral and basketweave tooling.  Model 931. 28" skirt and aprox 32lbs.  Pretty enough to show in, durable and well made enough to train, and comfy enough to trail in.  Champion Turf saddles have been around for decades, made to last and are incredibly comfortable and stout.  Asking $1350 shipped OBO.  Will consider short payment plan or perhaps partial trade.