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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gene Bader Custom Cutter

17'' seat, with a ground down seat for close contact. Roughout seat, jockeys and fenders. Tooling on the swell and the cantle. Every single piece on this saddle is original, from Gene Bader stirrups to latigos. Sterling silver conchos, Andrew stainless steel dees. Comes with the flank cinch. Double rigging, rawhide covered wood tree, full quarter horse bars with a 7" gullet. Double rigging with dropped front dees (no bulk under the leg). This is a custom, handmade saddle. Gene Bader made it and designed it himself. Amazingly comfortable and fits a typical quarter horse  Asking $2199 shipped

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great West Barrel

This is an older saddle, made in Alberta, by Great West Saddlery.  Just brought it to Morinville area saddlemaker, Ken Kent (used to work for Vic Bennett), to have it looked over, and he said, "it was in good shape, but could use a drink of oil" :) It has a ralide tree, with a 6.75" gullet, and SQHB. Seat measures 14.5" to the stitching (14" to the padding). Very lightweight, and comfortable. Lots of room to adjust the stirrups, either quite a bit shorter, or longer! Comes with 34" neoprene cinch, and a back cinch.  Asking $625 shipped

Thursday, April 30, 2015

15" Crates

15" suede seat on this Crates pleasure saddle.  Built with a semi bar and 6.5" gullet.  Leather is good and clean.  Would work well for a trail saddle, spare, trainer.  Older Crates are well built, were (and still are) handmade saddle that is stout and ready for more riding.  Asking $499 shipped

Monday, April 20, 2015

Circle Y 15.5"

This nice older ride is a comfy choice.  15.5" seat, SQHB and about a 7" gullet.  They also tend to fit a bit wider.  Dark oil with hand tooling covering the entire saddle including the gullet area.  Single skirted, helps keep the weight down.  Nice, balanced saddle that would work well as a spare, trainer or trail.  Just missing a dee ring on left hand side for breast collar. Easy and inexpensive fix.  Asking $699 shipped

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Double R Barrel Saddle

16" seat, Round skirt, 6 3/4" gullet and QHB. Looks like nice leather and in good shape.  Conchos and rawhide horn.  Would work well for a short backed horse.  Asking $650 shipped

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vic Bennett all around

Custom made 4 years ago for a draft cross gelding so big flare to the bars and a true 7.5" gullet. All around saddle with a good roping tree but never roped out of it. 16" seat, light oil.  Has pre-turned stirrups and exudes the classic Vic Bennett quality we all know and have come to give great respect and appreciation!  Matching Pulling Collar included. Asking $3399 shipped

Sunday, March 29, 2015

15" Fallis Balanced Ride

True blue Colorado saddlery made! 15" slick seat, about a 7" gullet and built by the famous Fallis. These ssaddles don't come up for sale too often, not many left out there and not many put up for sale. Riders loves them and their rigging and they ride really well.  Round skirt, real fleece!  Asking $999 shipped.